Biography of a Freelance Artist: Zachary Viola

      My name is  Zack Viola and I’m a New jersey based artist and graduate of The Kubert School in Dover. I am the son of a Cuban born immigrant who fled with her family after the communists came into power.  I was born on a military Base in Colorado but grew up most of my life in New Jersey along with my younger Brother.

       Aside from my love of comics, I have always been an avid gamer and Lifelong proponent of the medium for its use in story telling. I Specialize in concept art, vehicle, character and weapon design,  drawing a lot of my inspiration from current and past technology to create heavily grounded and believable designs for use in science fiction and fantasy.

      The arts have always had a huge place in my life whether it be Drawing or music, film, or culinary. I’ll experiment and play with just about anything I can get my hands on. Drawing used to be a hobby but has become my career, so now my hobby has been Target shooting. I am a Huge fan of firearms and other weapons. I've fired and used  a wide variety of Weapons and ammunition, and I love blowing off steam at the range.  For anyone wondering, I have never, nor do I plan on going hunting. I started Playing RPG’s like Dungeons and dragons when I Started college at The Kubert School and I instantly fell in love with them, I have since completed 6 campaigns, hosted 1, and plan to Play a lot more." 

You can find Zack on Beance: HERE, on Instagram: HERE, and on DeviantArt: HERE

Work for Sinopa Publishing LLC includes:
Tale of the Wizard's Eye

The Steel Road (in development now)

From the Founder:

Anytime an artist recommends another artist, you should really take the time and look into that recommendation.

Zack came recommended by Christian Martinez (you can see his biography among those on the right) which is high praise in and of itself.  I spoke with Zack and he was open to working with me on future projects.

A few days later, I had to make a change to the Tale of the Wizard's Eye adventure module.  I needed to replace an encounter and I didn't have art for it.  But I had Zack's contact data, and what I wanted to replace that encounter image with seemed like something very fitting for Zack's talent.

I had a concept sketch from him within a few days (even though he had graduation coming up) that showed definitely that he was the artist for the job. The final product though, was even better (see below). 

We've since committed to working on another project as well. Currently, Zach is illustrating the coming title "The Steel Road", a weapon sourcebook for the 5th edition game mechanic which details exotic weapons from far flung places around the globe.
Illustration for a weapon from "The Steel Road"

Zack delivers.  His work so far on the piece for Tale of the Wizard's Eye has been brilliant.  I have been fortunate in that Zack has given me glimpses into the piece as it has been created, and I am impressed by his grasp of the scene and theme.  His first piece is a two page spread, addressing a critical point in the book.  He finished it well ahead of schedule.

Guardian Automatons illustration by Zachary Viola for "Tale of the Wizard's Eye"

If you need an artist in Zack's specialty, look no further.  You need Zachary Viola.

W.S. Quinton
Founder, Manager, Executive Officer
Sinopa Publishing LLC

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