Biography of a Freelance Artist: James Lee

                                                       Art by: James Lee
                                           You can view more art by James: Here

Artist's Biography: James Lee

James holds an MFA from William Paterson University for his work in sequential art and printmaking.  He shares a home with his siren and muse Joeleen, and their twin boys.  When he's not chasing after his progeny, James enjoys geeking out to the finer points of graphic novels and solid design.  James has over 20 years of experience with RPG design, playtesting, and gamemastering.  And if you ask real nice, he'll let you read his self-published 24-hour comic "Snooze".

Work for Sinopa Publishing Include:
Tale of the Wizard's Eye     Tarot Adventures, Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow

From the Founder:

I first met James Lee as a young man in 1999.
From a young age he exhibited a remarkable talent for graphic art, and a keen mind for design.

When I first contemplated founding Sinopa Publishing LLC, the first artist I contacted was James Lee.   He was fully booked at the time, but eventually came on for freelance work on several projects, and is acting as art coordinator for Sinopa Publishing LLC, I'm glad to have him.

In addition to work with interior art, cartography, and typography; James has provided critical feedback in play test reviews of materials in early development.

Having experienced James Lee's art in several genres and mediums, (including his holograms!) I recommend him for any artistic endeavor where visual arts are in play.

W.S. Quinton
Founder, Manager, and Executive Officer
Sinopa Publishing LLC

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