Biography of a Freelance Artist: Rebecca Elisbet Coulthart

You can view art by Rebecca:  HERE
Rebecca is a freelance artist who attended The Kubert School and graduated from County College of Morris with an Associates in Fine Art. She is a digital artist who tends to lean towards cartooning and horror with an interest in character design and storytelling. She eventually hopes to work on creator-owned comics.

Work for Sinopa Publishing LLC includes:
Tale of the Wizard's Eye   Tarot Adventures, Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow

From the Founder:

Rebecca was a lucky find for Sinopa Publishing LLC.  Her eye for, and provocative use of color enhances her art in profound ways.  Working with Rebecca is like watching a river shape a canyon.  Every stroke of her digital "brush" is building on the last, creating a joy for the eye to behold. 

She has produced poignant pieces for the projects she has been working on.

                                                   A piece done by Rebecca for a coming book.

W.S. Quinton
Founder, Manager, Executive Officer
Sinopa Publishing LLC

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