Biography of a Freelance Artist: Phoenix O'Faery

The Artist: Phoenix O'Faery

Phoenix O'Faery is an enlightened, creative, and eclectic star spirit who prides herself on never ending self-education and self-realization. She flocks to the study and practice of creative arts because anything less that what she's truly interested in would drive her insane with boredom.  She can be found lost inside her own head, in nature with a camer, and occasionally bursting out random thoughts and emotions on the written page or on canvas.  When Phoenix has the afterthought to openly share her creativity, she loads her works on Facebook Here or Deviant Art Here .

Work for Sinopa Publishing LLC includes:
Tale of the Wizard's Eye                   Tarot Adventures, Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow

From the Founder:

Phoenix O'Faery has been an indispensable artist resource.  Professionally she sets the highest standards for her work, meets her deadlines, and produces intriguing art in a variety of mediums.  Digital, sketch, acrylic paint, oils, watercolors, origami, practical crafts, sculpture, and the crafting of words are all tools she utilizes to express herself through her art.

Phoenix has produced brilliant cover art, provocative interior illustrations, page border art, and illustrations for chapter headings for role-playing game titles, and illustrated a children's book, for Sinopa Publishing LLC.

A talented author in her own right, Phoenix is also credited as co-author for the first children's book she illustrated for me, after providing much needed insight and critical story structure critique.

Whether you want art for you home, gallery, or business: you want Phoenix O'Faery.

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