Wednesday, April 26, 2017

First post about Sinopa Publishing LLC: Our beginning


Thank you for your interest in Sinopa Publishing LLC, a company registered in Kentucky.

Sinopa was founded as a publishing entity, under which role-playing game materials, and children's books are being published.

Founded in 2017, the first books are on schedule to release in July of 2017.

Copies of our role-playing game books will be available through and our children's books will be released on Kindle and in softcover through Createpace (both through Amazon).

Our role-playing game books include adventure modules, released under the OGL for the 5th edition game mechanics; future  module releases for other titles are in negotiation with license holders and will be announced once licensing is finalized; role-playing game supplement books, and in 2018 Sinopa will release is first original role-playing game.

For children's books, a number of titles are presently being illustrated.

You can find information on the freelance artists who contribute to our books, by reading over the artists' biography pages.  For our convenience those pages are linked to the right of the page.

I hope you will enjoy our titles, and we look forward to seeing your comments and questions.

You can find us on Facebook and on Twitter.

Thank you

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